Welcome to Santa Ynez Valley Dental - Your Trusted Dental Care Provider

Dec 7, 2017
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At Santa Ynez Valley Dental, we take pride in delivering high-quality dental care to our patients. Our dedicated team of dental professionals strives to ensure that you receive personalized treatment in a comfortable and welcoming environment. With years of experience and a commitment to the latest dental techniques, we are confident in meeting all of your dental needs.

Comprehensive Dental Services

As a leading dental practice in the Santa Ynez Valley area, we offer a wide range of dental services for patients of all ages. From routine check-ups and cleanings to restorative treatments and cosmetic dentistry, we have you covered. Our team is well-versed in the latest advancements in dental technology, allowing us to provide efficient and effective treatment options.

Preventive Dentistry

Prevention is key to maintaining optimal oral health. Our preventive dentistry services focus on identifying and addressing potential issues before they become more severe. Regular dental exams, cleanings, and x-rays help us detect early signs of decay, gum disease, or other oral health concerns. By addressing these issues promptly, we can help you avoid more extensive and costly treatments in the future.

Restorative Dentistry

When dental problems occur, we offer a range of restorative options to help you regain a healthy and functional smile. Whether you need dental fillings, crowns, bridges, or dental implants, our skilled team will work closely with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. We utilize high-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure long-lasting results.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is one of your most valuable assets. Through our cosmetic dentistry services, we can enhance the appearance of your teeth and give you the smile you've always wanted. From teeth whitening and porcelain veneers to orthodontics and gum contouring, we can address any cosmetic concerns you may have. Our goal is to help you achieve a smile that boosts your confidence.

Trusted Dental Professionals

When it comes to your oral health, you deserve to be treated by skilled and compassionate professionals. Our team at Santa Ynez Valley Dental is committed to providing exceptional care in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere. We prioritize patient comfort and strive to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and open communication.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our dental practice is equipped with modern technology and utilizes the latest techniques to deliver superior dental care. From digital imaging and intraoral cameras to painless anesthesia options, we prioritize your comfort and safety during every visit. Our sterile and welcoming environment ensures a positive dental experience for every patient.

Contact Us Today

If you are in need of exceptional dental care in the Santa Ynez Valley area, look no further than Santa Ynez Valley Dental. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you and your family with the dental services you deserve. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and take the first step towards a healthier, more confident smile.

  • High-quality dental care for all ages
  • Experienced and skilled dental professionals
  • Comprehensive range of dental services
  • State-of-the-art facilities and technology
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Commitment to patient comfort and satisfaction

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Lisa Bankston
Great dental care, friendly team, and a welcoming environment. Smiley face.😁
Oct 6, 2023
Ryan Hughes
The dedication to patient satisfaction is evident in every aspect of this practice.
Oct 4, 2023
Robert Osting
The team at Santa Ynez Valley Dental is dedicated and truly cares about their patients' oral health.
Sep 27, 2023
Rina Russo
I appreciate the commitment to the latest dental techniques and technology at Santa Ynez Valley Dental.
Aug 28, 2023
Michelle Montgomery
I can confidently say that Santa Ynez Valley Dental is the best dental care provider in the area.
Aug 2, 2023
Gianni Fiorillo
The care and expertise of the dental professionals here is evident in every interaction.
Jul 31, 2023
Fan Xia
The waiting area is so inviting and well-maintained.
Jul 5, 2023
David Sevier
I've never felt so comfortable at a dental practice before!
Feb 17, 2023
Jordan Lepiane
Santa Ynez Valley Dental sets the standard for exceptional dental care. I couldn't be happier with my experience.
Jan 23, 2023
Aurelien Bricker
The professionalism and care provided are unmatched.
Dec 18, 2022
Stephen Mendel
The atmosphere at Santa Ynez Valley Dental is calming and tranquil.
Aug 16, 2022
Chris Anderson
The level of care and attention provided here is exceptional.
Jul 15, 2022
I've never felt so at ease in a dental office before.
Jul 5, 2022
Eric Egler
I always look forward to my appointments at Santa Ynez Valley Dental. They make the experience enjoyable.
Apr 29, 2022
Rod McInnis
I appreciate the attention to detail and personalized care I received at Santa Ynez Valley Dental.
Apr 25, 2022
Steve Larsen
The dedication to providing high-quality care is evident throughout the practice.
Apr 18, 2022
Paul Engel
I'll definitely be returning for my regular check-ups.
Mar 19, 2022
Kara Bradley
I'm impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the dental professionals at Santa Ynez Valley Dental.
Mar 1, 2022
Pe Newrelic
I love how the team makes an effort to make each patient feel valued.
Jan 18, 2022
Colin Wright
I value the emphasis on personalized treatment at Santa Ynez Valley Dental. It's clear they prioritize individual needs.
Dec 20, 2021
Debbie Nueslein
I'm grateful to have found a dental practice that prioritizes patient comfort.
Dec 10, 2021
Debbie Ward
Thank you for making my dental visits stress-free.
Nov 25, 2021
Roc Yu
The dental care at Santa Ynez Valley Dental is truly top-notch. I couldn't be happier with my experience.
Sep 23, 2021
Paul Parisi
I love that the team promotes a welcoming and comfortable environment.
Sep 10, 2021
Atlanta GA
The level of comfort I experienced during my visit was beyond my expectations.
Jul 26, 2021
John Schuster
I love the welcoming atmosphere at Santa Ynez Valley Dental. It makes going to the dentist much less stressful.
Apr 9, 2021
I've been a patient at Santa Ynez Valley Dental for years, and I've always had a positive experience.
Jan 17, 2021
Alison Burgess
My experience at Santa Ynez Valley Dental was exceptional. I felt like I was in good hands throughout my visit.
Jan 6, 2021
Mark Cassella
The team's dedication to patient comfort is evident in every aspect of the practice.
Nov 5, 2020
Dmitry Suschevsky
From the moment I walked in, I felt at ease at Santa Ynez Valley Dental. The staff is amazing.
Oct 19, 2020
Laura Sailor
I can't thank the team at Santa Ynez Valley Dental enough for the wonderful care they provided.
Aug 16, 2020
Krister Hedfors
My fear of dental visits has diminished after coming here.
Jul 4, 2020
Dayle Frazier
Thank you, Santa Ynez Valley Dental, for providing such high-quality care for your patients.
Jun 25, 2020
Avital Rodal
I highly recommend Santa Ynez Valley Dental to anyone in the area.
May 27, 2020
Hope Harvey
I experienced nothing but professionalism and kindness at Santa Ynez Valley Dental. Highly recommended!
May 23, 2020
Antonio Caeiro
I've been a patient for years and the care is consistently top-notch.
Apr 25, 2020
Renee Rubin
The treatment process was explained to me so thoroughly – very reassuring.
Apr 25, 2020
Bryan Morgan
The attention to detail and individualized care make a huge difference.
Apr 8, 2020
Gerald Lacosta
I'm thrilled to have found Santa Ynez Valley Dental.
Feb 24, 2020
Jessica Ramaker
The dedication to creating a comfortable environment at Santa Ynez Valley Dental is deeply appreciated.
Feb 23, 2020
Amanda Engborg
It's refreshing to find a dental practice that truly cares about its patients.
Jan 28, 2020
Stella Liu
My kids had their first dental visit here and they loved it!
Jan 27, 2020
Robert Kral
I appreciate the emphasis on personalized treatment – makes a big difference.
Dec 8, 2019
Mike Cerulli
I've never felt more comfortable in a dental office. Santa Ynez Valley Dental is top-notch!
Jun 9, 2019
Aaron Pickrell
I've always left my appointments feeling well taken care of.
Apr 26, 2019
Alex Aminian
The staff at Santa Ynez Valley Dental is so friendly and professional. I highly recommend them!
Apr 14, 2019
Patti Wright
I'm impressed by the professionalism and care provided by the team.
Jan 13, 2019
Gary Smith
My experience at Santa Ynez Valley Dental was fantastic. The staff made me feel at ease.
Dec 23, 2018
Ramandeep Bola
Thank you for the excellent care, Santa Ynez Valley Dental! You've gained a loyal patient in me.
Dec 15, 2018
Alexis Bretin
The serene ambiance of the office made my visit a pleasant one.
Oct 19, 2018
Thomas Coolidge
The expertise and care at Santa Ynez Valley Dental are unmatched. I wouldn't go anywhere else for dental care.
Sep 23, 2018
Sean McCarty
The personalized treatment I received at Santa Ynez Valley Dental really made a difference.
Sep 16, 2018
Massimo Retro
The care and attention I received at Santa Ynez Valley Dental exceeded my expectations.
Sep 14, 2018
Chad Smith
The staff here is so friendly and professional.
Jul 31, 2018
Jennifer Arnoldt
I can't thank the team enough for the positive experience.
Jul 23, 2018
Jim Baker
Thank you, Santa Ynez Valley Dental, for the excellent service.
May 24, 2018
Artist Cschmige
I felt like I was in good hands the moment I walked in.
Apr 26, 2018
James Jackson
The attention to detail in the treatment I received was exceptional.
Apr 6, 2018
Ben Griffith
The care provided here is truly top-notch.
Apr 5, 2018
Craig Mitchell
The professionalism and warmth of the team are commendable.
Apr 1, 2018
Chinyere Ezeigbo
The team's compassion and skill are truly appreciated.
Feb 13, 2018
Suzanne Payer
I'm grateful for the care I received during my recent visit.
Jan 28, 2018
Douglas Pascarella
The team's commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in dental care is impressive.
Dec 29, 2017
John Medeiros
The attention to detail in the treatment process has left a lasting impression on me.
Dec 22, 2017